Summer is the best season to take vacation breaks and explore the vast expanse of this planet, whether it’s visiting beautiful beaches or undertaking long-awaited road trips or going on a hiking expenditure. During this period, we have noticed that most people invest heavily in prepping their bodies and skin but fail to prep their pretty diamonds — their eyes.

Make this summer the time that you invest in UV protection for your irreplaceable eyes. Amidst the scorching summer sun and humidity, take out time to establish a verified regimen to safeguard your eyes from damage.

Top Summer Eye Care Tips

Below is a list of the most useful tips you can take into consideration to help limit UV rays’ effects on your eyes.

  1. Receive adequate light. Research has shown that adequate sunlight exposure from one to three hours enhances eyesight (improving eye structure and focal length) and avoids the probability of an occurrence of issues such as myopia (nearsightedness). So, ditch the temptation to stay indoors all day and exercise your eyes with a healthy dose of sunlight!
  2. Know when to take cover. Although some sunlight is good for the eyes, too much sunlight is detrimental to your eye health. Whenever you notice a need to shield your eyes, feel free to wear a sunshade or take cover under some shade. This reduces the direct UV rays’ impact on your eyes, as prolonged exposure has been linked to the occurrence of cataracts.
  3. Always use UV protection shades. In the summer, sporting oversized 100% UV protection sunglasses is non-negotiable. Patients are advised to purchase a pair before taking in considerable sunlight to limit the amount of UV rays that are absorbed by the eyes. Even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, be sure to keep your shades on because UV rays are still being emitted regardless.
  4. Avoid the UV-rich afternoon sun. Peak daily UV ray periods are usually between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., so be sure that you are adequately shaded to avoid taking in too many rays.
  5. Use polarized lenses. When you are involved in activities that might produce glare, such as swimming or driving, be sure that you use polarized lenses to reduce the impact of reflected sunlight rays on your eyes.
  6. Do not forget to wear hats. Aside from being a fashion accessory, these adornments can serve as a physical barrier against harmful UV rays.

It is important to have as much fun as possible during summer, but never forget to deploy full-body UV protection when exposed to the sun. Hacienda Park Optometry advises readers and clients to take immense care of their jewels! Be sure to give us a call today if you have any questions or for more information regarding the kinds of eye protection that we offer!