Back to School The Importance of an Eye ExamIt may not seem like it, but summer will be coming to an end faster than you may have expected. This means that it’s time for both parents and students to start preparing for the new school year. While you may remember to get new backpacks, art supplies, and even clothes, chances are that you haven’t thought about getting your child an eye exam. You may think that he or she doesn’t need one because you take care of that in previous years. However, it is vital that you have your child’s eyes examined every year, as changes in a child’s vision can take place over the course of several years. There are several reasons why it is so important to get an eye exam on a regular basis.

Changes can be subtle and unnoticed

As previously mentioned, many small changes take place during a child’s development. Some of these changes may negatively affect your child’s eyesight, even if he or she doesn’t show signs of it right away. Eye exams can help to recognize these changes and identify if they are problematic or will be problematic in the future. Skipping out on a yearly exam can have undesired consequences that could have been prevented if the issue was dealt with earlier.

Visual Learning makes of the majority of the curriculum

Whether your child is reading a book, watching an educational video or looking on as a teacher solves a math problem on the chalkboard, there is no doubt that he will be using his eyes this school year. The majority of children are visual learners, and teachers generally emphasize visual learning in all aspects of their curriculum. If your child’s vision is under stress, there is a good chance that his/her ability to learn will be impeded. Eye exams are the best way to prevent or treat eye problems, helping your child get back on track with the rest of the class.

Early Diagnosis is better for recovery

If your child does happen to have a vision problem, diagnosing it early is key in either preventing further problems or even promoting full recovery. The longer your child has to fight against conditions, the worse it will be for him or her as time goes on. An early diagnosis is the best way to help your kid correct and improve his or her vision for the future.

Poor vision can lead to behavioral problems

If your child is unable to see properly, he or she may start acting up in class as a result. They might feel inadequate or that they are left out from learning, and this can lead to behavioral issues. This is negative for both you and your child, so it is important to make sure that their eyes are working properly, or that you have taken the measures to correct any problems that they may have.

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